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Scientific Collections


Scientific collections at universities serve scientific research and academic apprenticeship. They are valuable recourses for mediation of scientific content to the public.
Therefore, the scientific council, in its recommendations concerning scientific collections in January 2011, has endorsed their further development as “research infrastructures” and better possibilities to use them.
The University in Greifswald owns 5,74 million items in 16 scientific collections. Be it scientifically valuable type-related material, like the EMAUsaurus dinosaur Ernsti, be it the skull of a primate for anatomy, be it the artistically crafted croy carpet or the Bedouin coffee pot – all of them are material witnesses of the scientific history of Greifswald.
Since 2010, the administration of the university supports an interdisciplinary project with the purpose of the digitalisation of the scientific collections of Greifswald University. The first results of that project are presented in this website, which is still in the construction stage. For the first time, interdisciplinary collectibles of humanities and natural sciences of the University will be published together on the internet.

Welcome to the digital show case for the academic collections!

Prof. Dr. Rainer Westermann