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Computertechnique Collection

Collection of computation

The computational collection of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University includes more than 800 national and international exhibits. In this manner, it provides a circumstantial overlook of the development of computation up until the 1980s.

Prof. Dr. Werner Schmidt und Werner Girbardt founded the computational collection of the University of Greifswald in 1980. They were encouraged to do so by a conference of the use of electronical helps in the mathematics lecture by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Bittner during the university year 1980/81. The lecture showed them that the few mechanical computation machines and helps available at that time had been abandoned and thrown away in the euphoria about EDV-installations and calculators. But especially students destined to become professors had to see how their grandmothers and grandfathers used to calculate. Most of the exhibits of the present computational collection have been tracked down in the former GDR and acquired for the collection by purchase but mostly by donations since 1980 by Prof. Dr. Werner Schmidt and Werner Girbardt. After 1990, early computers and EDV-installations came into the property of the collection by donations from the universities of the West Germany.

Abaci, calculation boards and slide rules belong to the collection. The numerous historical calculating machines, the worldwide unique Locke-Brunhuber calculation machine and the last authorised replica of the Schickard calculation machine on 1997 are some of the absolute highlights. A visit of the collection is possible once agreed upon.
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