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Pathological collection

Pathological collection

The history of the pathological collection is closely connected to the development of the independent subject of pathology at Greifswald University. The birth of Greifswald pathology on the 15th of October 1856 was connected to the naming of the private lecturer Dr. Oskar Pohl for the subject of pathological anatomy. The birth of that particular collection had been encouraged mostly by Prof. Paul Grawitz (1850 1932), who was the director of the institute of pathology for 35 years from 1886 to 1921. The Institute of pathology presently disposes of a large collection of anatomical and pathological preparations for teaching purposes. Some of the oldest items are dry- and wet preparations which date back to the foundation time in the middle of the 19th century. Some human preparations show rare malformations and partly even diseases that have long been extinct. A vast archive is connected to the collection of pathological preparations. A chosen presentation of pathological collectibles can be seen in the foyer of the Institute.
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