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Art Collection


The academic art collection is composed by over 3000 items of the visual and applied arts, mostly with German and European origins. Aside of those, historical monuments, landmarked rooms and construction related arts also belong to the collection. The former baroque hall library of the university, historical auditoriums or the last remaining student detention room with original mural paintings are integrated into the collection which is attended to by the Custody since 1989. In 1691, the systematic collecting of portraits of professors begins with a decision of the council of the academia. More than 200 paintings and busts of scholars dated from the 16th to the 20th century are now part of the portrait collection, which seems to endow an identity for the self-representation of Greifswald University even still today. A gallery of 32 portraits of chancellors and deans from Greifswald, which are still exhibited at their original location in the council room of the main building of the university, is absolutely outstanding from a point of view of art history. The paintings by the northern German artist Wilhelm Titel (1784-1862), a contemporary of the romantic C.D. Friedrichs, created between 1831 and 1850 as contract work, are a late historical sign of the representation of social corporations of the visual arts in Germany. Some of the artistically most valuable objects of the academic art collection are the university ensigns dating back from the 15th to the 17th century (two pairs of sceptres, the chancellor’s chain, the chancellor’s ring), the historical “Rektoromat” (1619), the Luther goblet and the chancellor’s chair (1906). A valuable work of art gained access to the collection by a testimonial decree by Duke Ernst Bogislaw von Croy (1620-1684): the Croy carpet. This canvas was woven in Stettin by Peter Heymans around 1554 by order of Duke Philipp the First of Pommern-Wolgast. This monumental carpet nowadays represents the most important memorial of the protestant principality in German tapestry.

The academic art collection includes a series of special collections:

Collection of studies by Wilhelm Titel
(143 drawings by hand; mostly copies of antiques and works of art of the Renaissance)
The Swedish gallery(portraits of the Swedish times)
Collection of cast mouldings (2nd half of the 19th century)
Collection of historic robes
Collection of Freester fisher carpets from the estate of Rudolf-Stundl (1897-1990)
Tombstones and memorial plates of scientists from Greifswald
Collection of host presents of the university direction
Artistic estate of Dr. Heinz Beisker (1908-1991)

The university ensigns and the croy carpet have been exhibited in the Pommersche Landmuseum since 2005. Parts of the academic art collection and of the historical university campus can be seen by participating in one of the university visits organised all year long by the Custody.
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